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Dog fouling in the Groves

We have received a number of complaints about excessive dog fouling in the Groves area of Craigshill, and the state of the communal areas is no longer acceptable. If you’re a dog owner, it is your responsibility to clean up after your canine.

Dog fouling

Public areas like parks, playgrounds and pavements should be clear of dog mess, and it is an offence not to clean up after your dog. Pet owners who allow their dogs to foul a public area might be fined or face other consequences.

Bag and bin dog mess!

Remember to always carry a bag when you walk your dog. Bagged dog mess tied up tightly can be placed in any public litter bin or even your refuse bin at home if there isn't a public bin around.

To ensure that our tenants enjoy a well-kept, tidy and attractive living environment we offer a wide range of estate management services. We are also in dialogue with West Lothian Council to improve conditions for dogs and dog owners living in our areas. However, as a dog owner you are the one who’s responsible for the behaviour of any pets owned by you or living with you.

These are your responsibilities

As an Almond tenant you are allowed to keep domestic pets as long as you follow the rules and conditions set out in the Tenant Handbook.

In addition to being responsible for cleaning up after your dog:

  • you are responsible for the behaviour of any pets owned by you or living with you
  • you must take all reasonable steps to supervise and keep such pets under control and prevent such pets causing nuisance, annoyance or danger to your neighbours or a deterioration in the condition of the house, common areas or vicinity of the house. This includes fouling, noise or smell from your pet
  • you must take reasonable care to see that pets do not foul or cause damage to the house, your neighbour’s property, anything belonging to us or anything we are responsible for, such as the common areas

If you fail to meet the above conditions, we will be entitled to require removal of the pet.

Find out more about being a good neighbour and your rights as an Almond tenant.

If you wish to speak to us about this, please contact your Housing Officer.