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Growing Together Update

A Craigshill community growing project!

Our Growing Together project has been awarded additional funding from Scottish Government Investing in Communities fund which means we can provide a wide range of community gardening activities in Craigshill until March 2023. From seed sharing and planting activities, indoor and outdoor cooking sessions, gardening and nature-based workshops and themed community events there will be something for everyone. Have a look below to see what we've been up to recently:

13/04/22 – Prepared the vegetable bed at the entry to the garden and planted up 40x carrots, 40x heads of lettuce and 40x turnips, with Nasturtium flowers and Marigolds to come.

19/04/22 – Planted up 0.5m² of spring onions. They make a good companion plant to the neighbouring strawberries due to slightly differing nutrient requirements and root depths.

20/04/22 - Planted up a seed bed of turnip, landcress, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage.

26/04/22 - Horticultural fleece was laid over the current seedling beds for warmth and protection from slugs. Planted some chives and an apple tree within the garden, as well as some sunflower seeds.

04/05/22 - Planted brussel sprout plants, as well as four smaller propagators with sweetcorn and mini sweetcorn seeds.

28/05/22 - Covered some beds in hotricultural fleece, with broad beans and snow peas planted within.

31/05/22 - We have some newly planted radish, new plants in the sharing space and the bed of Brassica are growing up.

01/06/22 - Some broad beans and peas are now growing up.

To find out more about how you can get involved contact the new community gardener for Craigshill, Dale Mullin, on 07740 899 605 or via email at

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