What is happening in my area?

Find out when there is planned maintenance work or landscaping services scheduled for your street or area.


Landscaping and ground maintenance

Our contractor Contintal Landscapes Ltd. looks after all grass, trees, shrubs and hedges, ensuring that all Almond areas well-kept and tidy.

To find out what recent work has been completed in your area, and when the next visits are scheduled, visit Continental Landscapes' website.

Planned maintenance work

In addition to our day-to-day repair service, we carry out a variety of planned maintenance works, such as painterwork, new roofs, external wall insulation and electrical upgrades.

Use the seach function below to find out if there are any planned maintenance work or painterwork scheduled for your street. Please note that there can be plans for your street that do not include your address.

Are there any plans for my street?

No immediate plans?

If there are no plans listed for your street, this does not mean that no work will be done. We carry out regular maintenance work in all our areas. If there are any issues you would like to discuss with us, please contact your Housing Officer.

Landscaping and Estate Management

Planned Maintenance

Will I be notified?

When carrying out maintenance work or repairs we will notify tenants in advance. If we plan to carry out any work to your home, you will receive letters from us beforehand, informing you of the planned work and when this will be undertaken.


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