Home Adaptations

If you or someone you live with has a disability, we can help make everyday life easier by adapting your home.

Brenda Cassidy with blue quoteWe want to enable people to remain in their homes as long as possible and so, where practical, we will carry out modifications to properties in order to make this happen.

Some of the more popular types of adaptations include the installation of wet floor showers for tenants who have a disability and/or have a chronic medical condition, the installation of banisters and handrails, alterations to internal doors, and improving external access.

How can you get help?

Before carrying out adaptations to a property we need a referral from West Lothian Council’s Occupational Therapy Service in order to identify what type of adaptation will be most suitable. In most cases the assessment will be undertaken by an Occupational Therapist (O.T.) who will then send a referral to the Association recommending what adaptations are necessary to support you to remain in your home.

For advice or to request an assessment, contact West Lothian Council Strathbrock Centre on 01506 775666.

What happens next?

Once we have the referral from the Occupational Therapist we will start making arrangements. Works such as grab rails are normally quite straightforward and will be ordered directly from our specialist contractors. If major alterations are needed, we will contact you and arrange to come out and see you at the property so we can better assess how to programme the work.

Once we can be sure that the proposed adaptation can be accommodated, we will appoint a contractor who will contact you to make arrangements for access when they are ready to start.

How long will an adaptation take?

We try to get straightforward, simple adaptations completed as soon as possible. For the more complex adaptations we aim to have the work completed within 8 weeks, once we have the referral from the OT.

What if your home is unsuitable for adaption?

If your home is unsuitable for adaptation, we will discuss other solutions with you. This may include moving to a more suitable home.

Contact us

If you wish to discuss your housing situation, please contact our Housing Support Team on 01506 439291.