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Painter Packs

We've teamed up with Johnstone’s Decorating to provide decoration packs to incoming tenants where we have determined our voids need a bit of a facelift.

This will be instead of fully redecorating or offering Wilko monetary value decoration gift cards and has a number of intended benefits for tenants, including:

  • Gives new tenants far more choice as they can pick from a large number of colour choices

  • Gives new tenants a greater sense of ownership of their new home

  • Provides empowerment to our tenants

  • Provides great value for money with new tenants getting everything from paint to rollers, dust sheets to masking tape!

  • Allows us to turn around our voids in a quicker timescale, thus getting tenants into their new homes quicker

  • Reduces our void costs which means that we can continue to provide other vital services

The packs come in a range of sizes with everything from a simple accessory pack, right through to a full 5 bedroomed house pack - below is a picture of everything included in a 2-bedroom pack.

Painter Packs

Tenants in receipts of a voucher can order their pack via phone, email, or by visiting the local Johsntone’s Decorating Centre in Livingston and can either collect the pack or have it delivered, free of charge, to their new home.

Our Housing Officers will discuss with any new tenants if they will be getting a decoration pack voucher, and can provide details and support on how to go about redeeming it.

We will initially be trialling this on a 6-month basis, so any feedback is greatly welcomed