Arrears Management

We aim to minimise the level of current tenant arrears in a sensitive and supportive manner based on advice and counselling. We promote effective communication with tenants proactively encouraging a positive payment culture.

Housing staff will provide advice and guidance for tenants who have difficulty in paying rent. Whilst ‘Recovery of Possession’ (eviction) of property is a last resort, the Association needs to protect its income and will take action against tenants who fail to pay their rent.

Need Help Dealing With Arrears?

We are currently working with the Community Help and Advice Initiative (CHAI) to provide a benefits and money advice service for our tenants.

We have an advisor who can:

  • Carry out an income maximisation check to ensure you are in receipt of your full benefit entitlement
  • Assist with making benefit claims and completion of application forms
  • Help you with any benefit related issues
  • Assist with appealing decisions and representation at tribunals
  • Advise on debt related matters
  • Negotiate with creditors on your behalf

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