Apply for a garage

Did you know that you can rent a garage from us?

Do you need some extra space? Or do you want to keep your vehicle more secure? We rent garages in several different locations.

Streets where we have stock


Adelaide Street
Ash Grove
Beech Grove
Brisbane Street
Broom Walk
Canberra Street
Chestnut Grove
Clyde Drive
Darwin Street
Dee Drive
Don Drive
Doon Walk
Eden Drive
Elm Grove
Esk Drive
Etive Walk
Fir Grove
Fremantle Street
Hazel Grove
Hobart Street
Inglewood Street
Juniper Grove
Katherine Street
Leven Walk
Linden Grove
Melbourne Street
Onslow Street
Pentland Park
Pine Grove
Poplar Grove
Rannoch Walk
Rowan Grove
Selm Park
Shiel Walk
Spruce Grove
Tay Walk


Alberta Avenue
Calgary Avenue
Dawson Avenue
Edmonton Avenue
Fergus Avenue
Labrador Avenue
Quebec Avenue
Toronto Avenue
Vancouver Avenue

Who can apply?

You don’t have to be an Almond HA tenant to rent a garage from us; our garages are available to anyone. Garages are priced at £34 per month for existing Almond tenants and £40.80 for non-Almond tenants.

How to apply

To apply for a garage simply download the Garage Application form. Alternatively, you can email or phone us to get one sent to you. You can also pop by our office to fill in and return the form.

For more details, call our office on 01506 439291.

application form

Garage Application form

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For more details, call our office on 01506 439291.