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We are committed to delivering an excellent service to all tenants, factored owners and stakeholders.

At Almond Housing Association, we are proud of what we achieve and the services we provide - but we know that we can always improve.

We have a lot of information which sets out what we do, how we will do it, and how we expect to perform against our targets.

We are a Registered Social Landlord, regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator. You can read the Regulator’s guide for tenants and service users about how they regulate on their website.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy 2022-25

Annual Report and Annual Accounts

Our Annual Report looks back on our performance over the last business year and showcases some of our priorities and achievements. The Annual Accounts review our performance over the last business year and is a comprehensive report on the Association's financial activities and performance.

Annual Report 2023

Financial Statements 2023

Annual Engagement Plan

Charter Report to Tenants

The Scottish Social Housing Charter sets out certain standards that our tenants can expect from us in the services we deliver and the way we deliver them. We are committed to delivering an excellent service to all of our customers and this report lets you know how we have performed in some key areas, compared with the Scottish average.

Charter Report to Tenants 2023

Landlord Report from the Scottish Housing Regulator 2022-23

Tenant Feedback and Surveys

We carry out regular surveys to give our customers a quick and easy way to provide feedback.

Tenant survey results

Annual Complaints Report

This report provides a summary of our overall complaint handling performance, how we have learnt from our complaints and what we have planned for the future in terms of complaint handling.

Annual Complaints Report 2022-23

Our Properties

Our Staff

Our Services

We always welcome feedback on our performance.

If you have any queries or comments, please contact us