Repairs and Maintenance

Throughout your tenancy we will carry out repairs and maintenance work to your home to make sure it is maintained in good condition.

Icon Repairs without textProviding repairs is an important part of our services, and from time to time you will require repairs or maintenance work to be carried out in your home.

In addition to our day-to-day repair service, we make yearly investments in a variety of large-scale maintenance projects, such as painterwork, external wall insulation and electrical upgrades.

What are Almond's plans for my area?

Report a Repair

When something needs repairing in your home, you can report the repair by calling us on 01506 439291 or by using our online service.

Report a repair by calling 01506 439291

For emergencies when our office is closed call 0845 038 0040

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999

Priorities and Response Time

We know how important it is that repairs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible and to a high standard.

There is a wide variety of requests for repairs every day and some are more urgent than others.

How long will it take?

When it comes to central heating breakdowns, please be aware that these are not attended after 10pm, unless there is a specific need for the heating system to be on 24 hours. If the heating breaks down after 10pm, please report this to Almond after 8.30am the next day. The repair will then be targeted to be completed within 6 hours of the report being made.

Where there is a total failure in the heating system, our current target is to complete the repair within 6 hours. Normally the repair will be carried out on the day it is reported, but this may not always be possible because:

  • the tenant reports the fault late in the working day
  • the tenant reports the fault to the on-call service
  • a replacement part is required

Below you can see the response times for the different types of repairs that we handle. Choose an area of the property to see response times for repairs relating to this room or area.

All response times are based on working days as measured from time of reporting.


Bathroom repairs

Bathroom repairs

Bathroom or kitchen repairs

Bathroom and Kitchen repairs


Kitchen repairs

Kitchen repairs

Kitchen or bathroom repairs

Bathroom and Kitchen repairs

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows repairs

Doors and Windows repairs

Your responsibility

Lost keys


Roof repairs

Roof repairs

External works and Fencing

External repairs

External repairs

External works

External works repairs


Fencing repairs


Electrical repairs

Electricity and heating repairs

Plumbing repairs

Plumbing repairs

Other internal repairs

Internal repairs doors etc

Your responsibility

Internal repairs your resp


Heating repairs

Heating repairs

Common stair

Common stairs

Common stairs repairs


Miscellaneous repairs

Miscellaneous repairs

Your responsibility

Miscellaneous repairs your responsibility

Your repair appointment

Most reported repairs are attended to by appointment. However, even though a specific appointment has been made for the work to be carried out, we often find that the tenant is not at home.

Please remember to keep the appointment and if you have any doubts you can always check with us. Those who abuse the appointment system in this way run the risk of being charged for the missed call.

Rechargeable repairs

Almond Housing Association is responsible for keeping your home in good condition. However, we equally expect you to take good care of your home and may recharge you for the cost of certain repairs.

If the repair is your responsibility or has arisen due to neglect or carelessness, you will have to pay the cost of the repair.

Who is responsible for which repairs?

You are responsible for internal decoration, carpets, laminate flooring, furnishings, lightbulbs, and the contents of fridges and freezers. You are also responsible for your private garden.

We expect you to take good care of your home and may recharge you if the repair is your responsibility or has arisen due to neglect or carelessness.

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining within your home and garden of the property you live in. This includes all the external parts and internal fixtures and fittings originally provided by us but not those that are listed as your responsibility or were specifically made your responsibility at the beginning of your tenancy, or which you have installed yourself.

Our responsibilities also cover most pipes, wiring, fixtures and fittings for heating, drainage, guttering, power and lighting. We are repsonible for all sealed lighting but do not provide ordinary lightbulbs. Smoke detectors are originally provided by us, but we are not responsible for those belonging to the utility companies.

We do not maintain your private garden but are responsible for any fencing or sheds originally provided by us, and for the paths within your garden that lead to the front or back doors.

We will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of blocks of flats where Almond owns or has a factoring agreement for the block. Almond will be responsible for the external and common areas of the block, i.e. not inside each individual flat unless owned by Almond. Items included are communal doors, door entry systems, decoration, paving and fencing, floor covering and electrical work such as lighting etc. The cost for all these works will be covered by your rent. No additional cost will be expected from the tenant for these repairs.

In the case where Almond is not the sole owner or factors the block the cost of repairs will be divided between the owners. In this case before any work which we want to carry out can commence an agreement with other owners is required for the payment of the shared costs.

How do you know if you have to pay?

Icon Rent without textWhen you report a repair we will try to let you know at the time if it is a rechargeable repair. We will also try to tell you how much it will cost. Depending on what the repair is and the cost implications, you may be better getting the repair carried out by your own contractor.

When rechargeable repairs are identified at the reporting stage we require payment to be made before instructing the work to be carried out, for example when we are requested to carry out a lock change.

Sometimes, however, it is only once the work is being done that we may identify that it is a rechargeable repair. When this happens your Housing Officer will let you know the cost of the repair and when you should pay for it.

Alterations or improvements

Although nothing is in need of repair, you might wish to make changes to your home.

If you wish to make alterations or improvements to your home, you are required to apply to the Association for permission to have this work carried out.

How do I request an alteration?

Report a Repair

Report an Emergency

Request an Alteration or Improvement

Our Planned Painterwork programme

Our Planned Maintenance programme


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our repair services, do not hesitate do get in touch with us on 01506 439291