Tenant Surveys and Feedback

Bubbles tenant surveys

After we have completed repairs and property upgrades, we would like to know how you feel about the services provided. We also carry out an annual Rent Review and we value your feedback.

Customer satisfaction surveys at the end of a contract allows us to measure the success of the contract. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys after all completed contracts.

If you have had upgrades to your property, keep an eye out for our letter and see links to current surveys at the bottom of this page.

Why should I take part in a survey?

Your feedback on completed works ensure that we continually improve the services that we provide. Both positive or negative feedback is essential to agree where changes may be needed.

When you take part in a customer satisfaction survey you automatically enter in a prize draw.

When can I take part in a survey?

Our customer satisfaction surveys are intended for tenants who have had recent repairs or upgrades of their homes. If you have received a letter from us notifying you that a contract has been completed, you are invited to take part in a customised survey. All surveys currently open are listed below.

Help shape our services!

We’re looking for more tenants to get involved in our text and email consultations. All we ask you to do is answer questions from time to time about our services. The more answers we get, the better we can shape our services to meet the needs of our customers.

All questions are sent through email and text message to make it quick and easy for as many tenants as possible to get involved. You can sign up by filling in this form, by calling 01506 439291 or emailing enquiries@almondha.org.uk.

There are no surveys open at this time - but keep watching here for details of future opportunities to give your views.