Coronavirus - Working in people's homes

We are taking actions and implementing measures to limit the risk of transmission of the virus. Please see below for further guidance if a staff member or contractor needs to visit your home.

  • Before entering your home, our staff and contractors will take an LFD test on the day, prior to attendance.
  • Householders should also undertake an LFD test on the day, prior to the visit.
  • If anyone in the house is self-isolating, please let us know.
  • We are encouraging staff to test twice weekly and on every occasion they mix socially with people from other households.
  • We undertake risk assessments to identify risks and how they can be controlled. Our contractors also undertake risk assessments for working in someone else's home.
  • Our staff will wear a face covering, especially when moving through the home or engaging with any of the householders. They may ask you to wear a face covering but we are aware that not everyone is able to wear one.
  • Ventilation of the workspace/home should be maximised to allow circulation of the air.
  • Our staff and contractors will try to keep a reasonable distance from individuals in the household.
  • We are continually working with our staff on health and safety matters when in your home.
  • We are following self-isolation guidance and ensure regular risk assessments are untaken to help identify if any other measures can be taken to protect both staff and customers.