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RAAC Update

In late December 2023, Almond HA discovered that Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) roof panels had been used in the construction of 318 properties in the Craigshill area of Livingston. Of these, the panels in 209 houses and 96 flats (with 34 being directly affected) were encapsulated under pitched roofs which reduces the risk presented by wind and water penetration. The properties were built in the 1960’s by Livingston Development Corporation and subsequently refurbished in the early 1990’s prior to stock transfer.

In total, 13 properties were identified which do not have pitched roofs. We had previously carried out surveys which identified the presence of RAAC in both walls and roofs in 7 of these properties and as such are commencing with the process of rehousing those tenants who are affected.

In mid-January tenants whose homes contains RAAC were visited by our Asset and Housing Officers to inform them of the presence of RAAC and confirm that detailed surveys would be undertaken by a Structural Engineer in the coming weeks.

On completion of the detailed survey work, we will be developing a programme to address the issue in line with Surveyor’s recommendations. Any works required will be delivered alongside planned investment due in the properties.