Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for repairs?

You are responsible for internal decoration, carpets, laminate flooring, furnishings, lightbulbs, and the contents of fridges and freezers. You are also responsible for your private garden.

We expect you to take good care of your home and may recharge you if the repair is your responsibility or has arisen due to neglect or carelessness.

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining within your home and garden of the property you live in. This includes all the external parts and internal fixtures and fittings originally provided by us but not those that are listed as your responsibility or were specifically made your responsibility at the beginning of your tenancy, or which you have installed yourself.

Our responsibilities also cover most pipes, wiring, fixtures and fittings for heating, drainage, guttering, power and lighting. We are repsonible for all sealed lighting but do not provide ordinary lightbulbs. Smoke detectors are originally provided by us, but we are not responsible for those belonging to the utility companies.

We do not maintain your private garden but are responsible for any fencing or sheds originally provided by us, and for the paths within your garden that lead to the front or back doors.

We will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of blocks of flats where Almond owns or has a factoring agreement for the block. Almond will be responsible for the external and common areas of the block, i.e. not inside each individual flat unless owned by Almond. Items included are communal doors, door entry systems, decoration, paving and fencing, floor covering and electrical work such as lighting etc. The cost for all these works will be covered by your rent. No additional cost will be expected from the tenant for these repairs.

In the case where Almond is not the sole owner or factors the block the cost of repairs will be divided between the owners. In this case before any work which we want to carry out can commence an agreement with other owners is required for the payment of the shared costs.

Why are some repairs rechargeable to me?

We may recharge tenants for the cost of some repairs.  This is where we have identified the repair is the responsibility of the tenant or because the repair has arisen due to neglect or carelessness by the tenant.

When you report a repair we will try to let you know at the time if it is a rechargeable repair and we will also try to tell you how much it will cost. Depending on what the repair is and the cost implications, you may be better getting the repair carried out by your own contractor.  For identified rechargeable repairs at the reporting stage we require payment to be made before instructing the work to be carried out, for example when we are requested to carry out a lock change.

Sometimes it is only once the work is being done that we may identify that it is a rechargeable repair. Your Housing Officer will inform you when this happens, the cost of the repair and when you should pay for it.

How quickly will my repair be carried out?

How long will the repair take to complete?

The time it will take for repairs to be carried out depends on how serious they are. All repairs are given priorities and the timescales for completion are as follows:


Immediately (1 hour maximum)

A serious emergency is when there is a serious threat to your safety.

Find out which repairs qualify as emergency repairs.


6 hours


3 days


10 days


15 days


30 days

What happens if I miss my repair appointment?

For many years now we have offered an appointment service for repairs with about half of all reported repairs being attended to by appointment and we are looking at ways of improving this part of our service. However, even though a specific appointment has been made for the work to be carried out, for one in twelve appointments the tenant is not at home.

Please remember to keep the appointment and if you have any doubts you can always check with us. As a word of warning, those who abuse the appointment system in this way run the risk of being charged for the missed call – don’t let it be you.

What do I do if I want to make changes to my home?

Should you wish to make alterations or improvements to your home, you must apply for permission before having any work carried out.

Find out more here.

Which Cyclical Repairs and Planned Maintenance works are planned for my area?

The Planned Maintenance Programmes below identify all the improvements and cyclical repairs that are to be carried out over the next 18 months:

Planned Painterwork programme 2017-19

Planned Maintenance programme 2017-18

What is the Right to Repair Scheme?

Renting a home from a Housing Association you will probably have a Scottish Secure Tenancy, and when you report a repair we will tell you whether it is a qualifying repair under the Right to Repair Scheme.

Find out more here.

Other questions?

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