The Right to Repair Scheme

The Right to Repair scheme gives you the right to have certain repairs completed within a certain timescale.

Right to Repair leafletGenerally, our own timescales are better than the limits in the scheme eg. for a heating repair the scheme limit is 32 hours – Almond's target time is within 6 hours.

For more details, see the Right to Repair Scheme leaflet

If the repair qualifies under the scheme, we will...

  • Tell you the maximum amount of time allowed to carry out the repair
  • Explain your rights under the Right to Repair scheme
  • Make access arrangements with you to allow the repair to be carried out

If our usual contractor has not started the qualifying repair in the time limit set, you can ask a contractor from the Association’s approved list to carry out the repair. You cannot. however, instruct another contractor if the repair is also a defect (eg. if the house is newly built).

You are also entitled to compensation from the Association for the inconvenience. If you have to instruct another contractor because the repair has not been started, the contractor will automatically bill the Association.


If you require any further information, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any question you may have.