Deans and Carmondean

Deans and Carmondean are a small community, situated in the northern part of Livingston, where construction began 1962.Deans Crest

The western area of Deans was formerly known as Livingston Station, as was the location of former oil works and a railway station, named after the village of Livingston - now called Livingston Village. Many people who have lived in this area for a long time often refer to it as such.

There are two shopping areas of Deans. The main shopping centre of Deans is the Carmondean Centre which comprises of some small shops, a bank, post office and a Morrisons supermarket with pharmacy attached. This is also where the library, Carmondean Connected, is located.

The other area is along Main Street where there is a Co-Operative store and a few take-away food shops and a post office. Deans also has a large industrial estate that houses a number of businesses. Deans has three primary schools, Deans Primary, Meldrum Primary and St John's RC Primary. There is also newly rebuilt secondary school, Deans Community High School.

Deans has a Church of Scotland church called St. Andrew's Church, which is located in the Livingston Station area of Deans. St. Andrew's Church is part of the Livingston Old Parish along with Livingston old Kirk in Livingston Village. Deans has a Roman Catholic church in the Carmondean area called St Peters RC Church which is part of the Livingston Catholic Parishes. Deans is served by Livingston North railway station on the North Clyde Line.