Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs call 01506 439291 right away. If the office is closed, call 0845 038 0040. Do not use the online reporting service for emergencies.

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Do you smell gas or suspect a gas leak? Call 0800 111 999

No power? What to do if there is an electrical power cut

If an emergency repair needs to be carried out, you should let us know as soon as possible. This allows us get the job done before things get any worse.

You should be ready to tell us your address, the nature of the problem, which room is affected and when you can give access for the repair. Once the repair has been reported, you must stay in your home until our workman arrives.

Is it really an emergency? These are examples of emergency repairs

The out of hours emergency service is only to be used for genuine emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day. If it is abused, you run the risk of being charged the callout fee.

If you are unsure if a repair qualifies as an emergency repair, please take a look at these examples.

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You need to be aware...

  • Before you let anyone into your home to carry out an inspection, repair or gas service, you should check their identity card to ensure they are genuine. If you are not sure, ask them to stay outside and phone our office
  • If you exaggerate the urgency of the problem to get a quicker response, we may charge you the emergency call out fee
  • Contractors can refuse to work in your home if they believe their health and safety is at risk or if they experience abusive, threatening or antisocial behaviour towards them

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